Date: 1/26/2019

By Talinas

This is an interesting dream. I recall crawling into an elevator of some sort. This elevator was oval and large. However, it also has a whole in the middle. It was small at first. I was leering these group of kids into the elevator. Once inside, you had to stand against the wall and walk to the right. It works but you moving. We went up and stopped at a floor. I instructed the kids to keep left and wait by the door. As we walked out into this narrow gray hallway, I noticed all these electronic against the walls. Then I realized I was in a spaceship of some sort. As we turned left, in front of me was a small screen. This “television” was playing a “movie.” The scene was of a woman standing at the edge of a boarder by a river or late or ocean, maybe. And this shark pops his head up and looks at her. When she looked down her face suddenly melted onto her chest. You can see her skin just dripping down and her skull was exposed. I told the kids never to watch that and I think I turned it off. Then I recall going in front of the line. There was this dark dark room. I went into the dark room to make sure it was safe to go across. On the other died of the room was a door with a light beaming towards us. I stood in the middle of the room and told the kids walk across. This little girl was at the end of the line. She held my hand at first and then I picked her up. She was adorable. I felt as tho she was my child. She kinda looked like me. We laughed as we walked into the room with the group. When we walked in, there was a table to the left where all he kids were sitting waiting to eat. I sat on the far right of the table by the corner of the wall. The little girl sat next to me to my right. We kept taking and laughing. I passed around a bowl of food to those near me. “Eat,” I said. I looked around and saw all these marvelous children. All of differ ages, color, and culture. But I felt as tho we were family. While talking and laughing with the little girl, I reached out to spoon a bite of my rice. When I placed the food in my mouths I quickly spit it out realizing it was meat. Then suddenly my moms face appears in the middle of the table saying, “Come su carne.” Which translates to, “Eat your meat.” Then I woke up. I had this dream a few weeks after my first Daniel Fast. I have been vegan ever since. 1/25/19