Mushrooms on Cirno and Bugs's Bunny running a super store/Mall//I don't know.

Date: 2/12/2017

By richilye

There was a lot of people in my house, I don't remember how much or how things started. Everyone had a pet, frog, dog, tazmania Devil(or however it's written), etc. Cirno did something, probably to a frog, I said she was my pet, so nobody would try stealing her. I couldn't let people know that I thought about her as a wife, and not a pet, most of which because people tend to think that Faries are pets or something, so I thought that it would get us is trouble. I went upstairs to my parents's bedroom, there was like 2 or 3 people whit their pets there, I sat on the bed near the bathroom, Cirno said she wasn't felling well, I took off her shirt, turned her chest my way, so nobody would see it. There were some things growing on her body, they looked like mushrooms, small mushrooms in fact, the classic colors you see everywhere, brown and a red one with white dots. I went to the bathroom and tried washing it off, no luck. Went back to the bedroom, sat where I was before, I started putting my finger on the mushroom and pressing it, poking it, pinching it, etc, to see if it would come off, or something. Then I stoped because I thought people would think I was playing with her nipples, I went to search about it on my phone, then someone approached me, and I had to put something like "Mushrooms growing on pets" or "about mushrooms growing on pet fairy", just so he or she wouldn't notice, then I said something like "I guess nobody has a pet fairy or any fairy in general, so it's better if I use another search term, HAHA", just so he/she wouldn't suspect of anything., no luck, found nothing useful, I thought maybe it was something that she ate, so I asked Cirno what she ate recently, she said just a soup, then I asked if she ate anything that Marisa made, Cirno said no. My mom was passing by and I asked her if she knew something about it, she said no. I stood there wondering for a while and looking at Cirno's confused face. Scene Changes. I was at some sort of Mall, market or theater, It was run by Bug's Bunny, Duck... the black Duck was performing something, I wasn't interested (I forgot his name, ducklings?),I wanted to talk to the manager, to see if he knew about a cure for the mushrooms, I went to the back of the stage, There I saw Bugs Bunny talking to Tom & Jerry. After he was done, they walked away, Bugs came to talk to me,but Red Mustache (I forgot his name too, it's the small one that's always angry), he was pissed off about something, he came pointing his guns at Bugs, then Bugs was like, don't shoot, I have wife and kids, Then Bugs takes out a big picture off his pocket with an old had with broken teeth in it, Red Mustache seemed disgusted by the picture, but he said something like "I-I'm very sorry, I didn't know", then he went away, when I was going to talk to Bugs, the dream ended.