Date: 2/19/2017

By hirosworld

I tried to fall asleep again and thi is what happened. I was dreaming that I was trying to fall asleep in a field like a savanna at night but there was enough light to see such as the sky being a dark blue instead of pitch black like a cartoon. a snake was approaching but I tried to ignore it and put my face into my pillow For some reason I had met the same type of snake before and knew that where it bit me that limb would go numb and be unmovable.. The snake went underneath the pillow and it seemed big enough to lift the pillow up. I lifted the pillow and tried to set it aside and it attacked me. It hurt thr my right arm began to go numb. I got a good look at the snake while it was latched on to my arm and it was a white snake and when a removed the snake from my arms it had glowing purple fangs. after getting more bites I had to act quickly and came across an gorilla nearby who seemed curious by my presence and was not far at all from where I was trying to nap. I unlatched the snake and dropped it on the gorilla hoping it could handle it. I believe the gorilla was able to decapitate the snake and only the head was left. I got the head and it bit me again. I pulled the head out and pushed it against the ground with my left hand. The dream ended with me holding down the head with its moth open towards the ground and the fangs kept being exposed and retracted repeatedly with enough force for me to be scared of it as it was lifting my hand when it did so. I Woke up with my arm numb under the pillow.