snake best friend/pet

Date: 1/18/2017

By bluefox247

I somehow acquired a snake and it became my best friend. It could talk and we had conversations together, and I took care of it. My dad for some reason made me take it to school and so one day one of my teachers asks me if it is mine, and I say yes. She says my dad threw it out of the car. I'm really upset he'd do that. I start to carry the snake in my backpack, or like outside of it where it just rested somehow. (It was a very small snake btw, like a Gardener snake or something). I got really distracted by it and started neglecting everyone else, but everyone was really mean to me because of the snake. There was a play that I was randomly chosen for and I completely forgot to show up, let alone study my lines. Got in trouble for that. I had a prom date and didn't even realize it, so instead of going inside the school I stayed outside in a garden area just hanging out with my snake. Then some of my friends showed up with my apparent date and they all criticized me for standing him up. There was a second play but this time I actually had one night to memorize my lines. I didn't remember everything that well when we rehearsed and I don't remember actually performing. I remember it was a children's play, though, and everyone's acting was terrible. For some reason my participation in it would determine whether I would graduate high school or not. I dreamt that pill bugs were harmful to snakes and a relative of mine figured out how to remove them from a snake if they happened to be inside one. My snake found this very interesting and admired my relative (who was deceased but left books behind). There were two boys who were trying to kill my snake by bashing its head in with a rock, and we were on a porch. So I threw them over the railing somehow and they both broke their noses. Got in trouble for this, too. Weirdly enough, the mother of the two boys sent me a red letter that my teacher gives me, inviting me to have roast beef or something with her as an apology that they tried to kill my snake. At first I had thought the red letter was a letter saying I was expelled or something. My snake somehow got soaked in water and when I brought it home it was all shriveled up, and dying, but thankfully I managed to nurse it back to health. It's crazy cause even now that I'm awake I miss the snake and can still remember the dread I felt when I thought it was dying. I don't remember if it had a name or not, but we had long conversations together and got along perfectly 😊🐍