Two killers, four targets

Date: 6/22/2017

By AshWednesday

I started out having a late night class with my three classmates in a empty room of a retirement home I used to work at. Our teacher was wrapping up when she suddenly vanished completely. We were all uneasy about her sudden departure but decided to stick around a while and chat about class and the work we were given. I left first and began walking down the hallway tying my once long brown hair into a ponytail. I heard one of the residents doors open and a woman walked in who was from the oxygen unit to check the woman's tank. I sneaked past undetected and headed for the elevator that was past the laundry room. Then I heard someone walking around and I began to feel extremely uncomfortable and I hid. I saw two figures dressed in all black walk around the space and exit the room i was just in after surveying the area. I knew immediately they were here for myself and my classmates. When they were out of site I ran back to the class and my three classmates were still there talking and I told them something was wrong and two men with masks were looking for the four of us. Just then we heard a scream and ran out of the room as a group of people formed; one of the residents was killed,not just killed but butchered. I knew this was a different killer and I turned to my friends and told we needed to leave now! We all began shuffling through the crowd when we were stopped by a group of people who worked at the home and said we can't leave until the police came and everyone had to go to the assembly hall. We were mad but we went to the hall and waited. I was fidgety and anxious when they brought in the killer who a couple of men had subdued. It was the residents son. We were all disturbed but relieved that he was caught and restrained. Just then two men stood up and walked out in front of the hall they put on ghost face masks and took their knives and guns out. Everyone began to scream and run, they smiled and removed the masks again. They were two white men, one with short blonde hair that was in a buzz cut and the other with longer brown hair and scruff on his face. I stood slowly and told my friends we all needed to run and absolutely do not get caught! We nodded with tears in our eyes and then booked it out of that room. Immediately I heard one of us screaming and I knew they got her. I kept running and found a place to hide as I waited and sifted through the screams and pounding footsteps. Things got eerily quiet and then I was pulled out from my spot by the blonde guy who looked exactly like Eminem. He dragged me by my hair to a room and locked the door behind him. He lunged at me with the knife but I fought him off and ran away. Suddenly we were in space and I had to get a key that I couldn't reach without losing oxygen for fifteen seconds. I did it and he followed me. Then everything stopped and it was all a simulation game. I was so fucking confused and the scary part was so was my would be murderer.