Date: 4/23/2017

By dontworry

I had a dream that Mariah sent me a letter, I don't remember too much before getting the letter. I was at my apartment and jules brought me a huge envelope because it was in the apartment mailbox. It was as big as the lost mates envelope and also black. I opened it and it was all of my things from lauryns, but none of the items were really mine, I just knew they were all my things. There was also a letter, it was on red paper and the words were all little stick on letters kinda like google eyes but gold letters. It was a really long letter about how she missed me and cares about me so much and I started to cry while reading it. I went to her house, which was a house that I've been to in other dreams. The house is one in college park but there's nothing around it. It's small, kinda like rileys old houses screen porch, but the screen porch is a kitchen with appliances and cabinets. Plus it has an add on of a room and bathroom but you have to leave the porch area to get to it. But Mariah and I were talking about everything, hugging and just catching up for a while and then she was like you need to go because lauryns about to come out of the bathroom and as I close the door lauryn comes out and sees me. I started to run away but lauryn came after me because she needed my help with something. She wasn't mad at me, but I can't remember what she needed my help with or what we did after that