White and Blue Rabbit

Date: 7/22/2017

By toxxicduck

I was in a play. The story of the play doesn’t make any sense to me at all and I can't coherently repeat all of it. The only two characters I remember are a white rabbit and a blue rabbit, and I played the role as the Blue Rabbit. Before rehearsing for the play, the instructor showed me (us? I think someone else was with me) a video, but the characters who were the rabbits were stick figures instead, with boxes for bodies, one being white and the other blue. The video showed the stick figure with the white shirt jumping from the moon, which was hanging in a white sky, and into the ocean. It was all very cartoonie. That’s all the detail I remember about the scene, but I vaguely remember something to do with the sun. Next in the video, we saw a little wooden man with a sword attacking something big in the center of the stage (can’t remember what it was). After watching the video, I looked at my script and thought about how we were going to recreate the play with animals instead of people. I played as the Blue Rabbit, who was on some sort of journey. I found Quenton in the theater and convinced him to be in the play with me and to play as the White Rabbit. We rehearsed the part, which was the White Rabbit sending off the Blue Rabbit on his quest. The White Rabbit was sitting on the moon while the Blue Rabbit was sitting on earth. I can’t remember what the White Rabbit said exactly, but the Blue Rabbit questioned it with “but why?” And the White Rabbit goes off on a very nice and knowledgeable speech about it, that I cannot remember. Us acting this past out became me seeing another cartoony clip about it in my head. And that is all I remember.