Date: 6/11/2019

By Cuaiire

I was having a sleepover at school, but then the grp Blackpink was there idk why (I even rmb what I thought in my head it was that I wanted to take a pic and send to my cousin Melody) and then I was going back to my room when my friend Umar call me from the call ,there was a concert going on broadcasting videos from YouTube. I ran over there and then got this kid ran to us (he looked like the kid from Harry Potter Colin Creevy) and said one teacher caught a student with digital device by patting him down. Then everyone panic except me cause my phone in the classroom, Shafiq Feroz was sitting beside me with Rayyan. Shafiq had a phone then he ask me where to hide so I told him hide in his underwear, he did and he also had a watch, some kind of watch got a power on and off button like a controller with volume up and down and a screen half the size of an iPhone 5. Then Raymond freaking Tan (a teacher from my sch EVGSS) appeared and told us no digital devices is allowed and he touched Shafiq's watch. Then we all walked back to room , I walked solo cause I wanted to go camp at a corridor and wait for 1 of the Blankpink girls to go toilet so I could rape her (ffs).Then a major war happened and can't rmb what happen but it was in the process of running through many people as they were going to the hall for the broadcasting video thingy and then I ran to a elevator room with 2 person, they were running away from some kind of magical bad guy with powers , he had greeny powers oozing out of him and he can fly. Then I felt that he was after me so I ran into a fire hydrant door to hide myself in it, than I ran into a lift but he went in and trap himself while I quickly ran out. I ran out of there and went the 4th floor of my sch above my General Office and ran down again idk why to the first floor, then the scene change and I was outside the school and many people died, one of the guys were killed by being thrown out the window as my view went to the window, I was then beside a 7/11 which was beside the school and the school outer roads was built downwards shops built into the walls, than I suddenly got a group of followers following me as I wanted to go in 7/11, but than I felt the bad guy coming after me and I ran and I felt 2 swords pierced me from my back and I died. I show everyone tho I think I was a ghost and then the song by Song by Kygo ft. Velerie Broussard (think about you) playrd into background as the place I died at had flowers and grass and then Mbappe was there catering to the flowers there kneeling on 1 knee. I then started posting something on YouTube and the title was something about the saddest ending on Kickin' It. And when the sad fading to end I show some machine saying continue? Insert coin. Then I woke up