Date: 7/5/2017

By xaviermartinez

I was in this random classroom doing art. I was sitting at one of those long white foldable tables. There were 3 rows. I was in the first row right in front of the teacher (who looked like a mix of Dr. Oz and Jo-may) and to my left was Michael Ballenger. Directly behind me was an empty seat but Avery Rabago was to the right of that seat and to the right of her was Ramsi. I turned around and asked her "Where's Avery Zulacia?" And she responded "I don't know. I think he got suspended" I turned around and asked Michael if he needed help erasing something on his paper and he said "Nah that eraser doesn't work" (it was a normal pink one) and I got out a white polymer eraser that was ripped into two pieces and he used it.