I'm the pilot

Date: 8/26/2017

By wanda1316

I had to fly a plane by myself to meet my family at a vacation spot. My sister was supposed to accompany me, but she got sick at the last minute. I expected to be flying for a few hours. It was a straight shot to my destination. Most of the journey was smooth, but towards the end I was having difficulty driving. I did not know how to fly the plane, I only knew how to keep it going straight. The plane turned upside down. I had to cling to the wheel so I couldn't fall out. Then the plane spiraled out of control. It was going down fast. All I could see was a blur of trees and ground. My mom was on the phone. I yelled and blamed her, saying "why would you put me on a plane by myself, knowing I can't fly it?!" She immediately started crying. Then I wanted to comfort her. I tried to downplay my situation, but I still thought I might die.