Date: 7/20/2017

By TwentieToo

I've had a different version of this first part of the dream before. I was at the grocery store with my friend and we were just wandering around when she remembered that she had to get some stuff for her dad. So she did and we went back to her place. I stayed the night and when I woke up around eight o clock in the morning I saw her little display for her dad. It was just different sticks of butter with seasonings on them. The receipt was there too. Her dad came into the kitchen where I was. I was sleeping on a very small bench thing. He had to squeeze between the bench and the counter. His butt was right by my face. I don't think he realized I was awake. Then her older sister gave me a bottle of some kind of alcohol and some chocolate and her tablet. Then I decided I would walk home. The dream shifted and me and my sister molly were driving, we stopped at a shop place where they fix cars and other stuff. It was actually a school. There were some buildings where the students slept. We slept in some beds. Then I wandered around and came into a building where there latest project was. They made women's jeans. I stole a pair. Then me snd my sister went to my grandmas. I asked her to try on the pair i had stolen. She did but they didn't fit. In this dream molly was a bit older.