Date: 8/13/2019

By Onii

So far I’ve had the same dream twice in which I am casted in a new Atlanta-based tv series and I’m the lead female character. Only problem is that I’m not in Atlanta and the crew starts filming in a couple weeks and I’m so unprepared. A lot of the cast are people I know and went to school with—mostly my friends in Atlanta. Donald Glover and Angela Basset were also there being friendly and helping me with acting tips. At one point, they reintroduced a character which ended up being this guy I had a fling with. There’s a moment in the dream where my friends and I are all packed in a car getting to know each other through our characters, and one guy starts speaking Korean. All of a sudden, my friends look ahead to the gate—we were parked in a warehouse parking lot—and notice somebody there. My character being the bold one, runs to investigate to see one of my guy friends waiting and I run up and hug him. I hadn’t seen him in forever. But the main thing was that my crew wanted me to come stay in Atlanta and be on set full time to make things easier, but I couldn’t stay for long. I even tried to convince my ma to let me move back because I was the lead role and this would be good for my career.