The Suite Life in New York

Date: 8/1/2017

By dumbblonde13

My dream somehow started off with like Cole Sprouse running away to New York to a small corner store to hide from the public eye or something. So I guess I decided to go look for him, not sure if I was like his friend or something. Eventually, I ran across Dylan Sprouse who was also looking for his brother. I stayed in a crappy hotel in the area until we made contact with Cole. But before we made official contact, my friend Jane was around, and told me she saw Cole run off through the sewers, which happened to be a popular shortcut to some really strange ritual taking place in a harbor. We couldn't find Cole once we got there because part of the ritual requires the audience to all wear identical masks. Eventually, after the strange ritual, I became great friends with Dylan and Cole. We traveled around New York just doing different things. At one point, we went to a really scary looking tattoo shop that only had 4 different tattoos offered. Dylan got a tattoo, adding to the two he already had, while I looked out the window. A bunch of dogs wearing inflatable costumes started walking down the street, and they would fall over and have trouble getting up due to the size of the outfit. Then, I saw one of my favorite musicians, Brendon Urie, come out of a local store and climb into a van decorated with stuff from the Pretty Odd era, and he drove off with other people and the dogs. Once Dylan finished with his tattoo, the three of us got in an Uber and Cole said he was taking us to a dangerous part of the city. I mentioned that I was an actor like then, but never had a principal role, and didn't have to hide from the public eye. We eventually made it to some kind of warehouse, where there was a secret entrance hidden inside a trash dumpster. But we didn't know how to open the door. A person was in the area taking the trash out to another dumpster, and when he turned around, he saw us trying to access the secret entrance. This triggered an alarm, and a mafia group started chasing us and the Uber van down, which we were using as a getaway. The mafia leaders: a man and a women in a red dress, began shooting at us. Once we all got "hit", we played dead so that they would leave. But after this, it turned almost into an action movie. We were all in boats going through the ocean trying to escape the Mafia, and every time we shot and thought we killed them, they would always find us again at a rendezvous area. At this point, I believe Dylan and Cole were no longer with me, but two members of some secret alliance that was under Mafia attack. After several times of believing a successful escape, even after fleeing the country, myself and my two allies settled into a remote town in the desert. Yet, we weren't even safe there. A lady who lived there was like bionic, and turned into a crazy, giant version of herself who tried to take us out. We were eventually able to trick her, because when she is in human form, she has no idea that she turns into a maniac who tries to kill. We gave her a gift trap of some kind, so when she opened it, she would be teleported to live somewhere far away. My allies and I then had to try and blend in with the other townsfolk, which included Caleb Reynolds and his family from Big Brother. They had a little fruit farm, so I began to mimic it, in an attempt to fit in. That's all I can remember.