lost after school in new york

Date: 6/12/2017

By gaybriel

it was the last day of school, and for some reason me and a couple other students were in the main office watching TV and eating rice krispy cereal. that was fun, and then my mom came inside to get me, I guess because I was taking too long. for some reason all I had on was a towel and I don't know why. she argued with me cause I was cleaning my bowl out the wrong way and after awhile she stormed out to the car. I hurried to grab my things and went outside, and for some reason the school was on main street. all I had on were shoes, a towel, and my jacket and backpack. I saw her car and started towards it, looked down, looked up, and she was gone. I figured I took too long so I started walking home. I was so slow though, it was awful. I followed a couple of kids walking home, thinking they lived near me, and ended up in an apartment complex. another kid (that looked like pidge?) was scanning things and politely I asked if they needed to scan my backpack. they said yes, opened it up, and I saw my dad wandering around. I grabbed my backpack and told him what happened. I then found my little brother, and the three of us tried to get home. we ended up in new York city with my dad very frustrated. I opened my phone and a random guy (who I think is an irl rapper?) said "hey who's that Joseph guy on your phone?" and I showed him my phone and the dream ended.