Digital art, As they opened the bathroom door, a young girl with black hair stood at the sink, but as the bathroom extended into a long hallway, a black shape crouched in the shower, pulling the girl back each time they tried to rescue her.

Demon In The Bathroom

Date: 8/14/2017

By Galipsy

I was standing next to a King Size bed that was in the bedroom of some kind of Royalty or King. There was a man on the other side of the room yelling at me in Arabic and gesturing towards the bathroom to his right. I walked around the bed and came to stand next to him. The bathroom door was closed and the man kept yelling at me while gesturing towards the closed bathroom door. I looked at him and said, "I can't speak Arabic." And suddenly I could understand him. It was understood at this point that the man was still speaking Arabic, not English and I could understand him. He was yelling, "She's in the bathroom! Please help me, she's in there with him!" I turned to the closed bathroom door and when I opened it I could see a young black haired little girl standing at the sink. Behind her, at the very back of the bathroom, there was a black shape crouched in the shower. The little girl looked at me when I called out to her, but as she started walking to me, and the door, the bathroom extended into a long hallway. When she finally reached the door, the Demon at the back of the hallway pulled her back to the bath tub, and the door shrunk down to a size I couldn't crawl through to get inside. At this point, saving her turned into a game. It was obvious that she was in danger, but she was oblivious to the situation. I kept calling out to her and every time she got to the door, the Demon would pull her back and we would start over. Eventually I was able to coax her closer to the door with a hairbrush she had been using and I grabbed her and pulled her through the door before the Demon could grab her. It became very angry about this and before I could shut the door it lifted its arm and pointed at me, looked me directly in the eye and said, "I'm coming for you." When I slammed the bathroom door shut, I woke up.