Date: 5/1/2017

By SeekTheTruth

I was in the front of my house checking inside the bushes for some reason. I looked behind me and saw a plane or drone come really low towards me and I had the worst feeling of dread. the plane fired these weird orange balloons just in front of me and I didn't check to see what they were i just edged myself around them to make my way back inside. when I got back inside I remember that I was looking outside my bedroom window and i saw loads of people come in our backgarden. they were in need of help, I think because of what happened with the plane or drone firing those orange things. also I remember looking outside and seeing a flashing square figure with dull lights as of pastel colours just floating around. me my mom and my step dad then decided to go find a safer place but the signals were all down. the Internet did not work. we worked our way to a bar and there were people there, we didn't stay long but about an hour after we left I realised my mom had gone and I did not know where she had went. I just fell a great sorrow after that.