Dal Makani- "the legend"

Date: 1/16/2017

By chinacat88

Note: I didn't recognize anyone or any locations during this dream, but it seemed like it had happened in the past, but I felt like I was 28 year old me. It started out in an alley where I smoked a joint with some random ppl. I could feel hazy and very stoned in the dream. All of the sudden I get on this bus. It's an old, beat up bus with rust and all kinds of weird stuff hanging up in a "f.g.i fridays" style of decor. However, it's also a public transit bus. I sit in the first seat, on the aisle side, with a younger woman sitting next to me in the window seat. There's three tiny men sitting near me having a conversation with the bus driver. They all had a similar look. They were older, and wrinkly and oddly short, almost dwarf sized. They looked simple, and all had had hats and simple clothes-they looked like delta blues players.?They all have really animated faces that took on a claymation aspect-honestly they reminded me of the California Raisins. Their conversation was difficult to make our, but I kept hearing them boasting about some legendary guy named Dal Makani-I don't know what he was famous for, but they sure seemed to be impressed by him. I was really nervous bc I was super stoned and paranoid and couldn't make out any words in their conversation, but I feared they would drag me into it soon and I'd have to make eye contact with their giant raisin claymation eyes. Suddenly the girl sitting next to me pulls the chain for the bus to stop and she stands up. Instead of getting out of my seat to let her pass, I just move my legs to the aisle...when she doesn't pass through, I look up and realize she's on crutches...she looks upset about me not getting off of my ass. Then I frantically ask her "what happened?" And she gets even more pissed, yells " I don't wanna talk about it!" Then I woke up and googled Dal Makani thinking maybe this man is gonna solved all my problems! Turns out he's some type of Indian cuisine...maybe next time...