The House in the Swamp

Date: 3/31/2017

By itsliz

It's hard to remember but this dream basically was taking place in a small shack with frost and dust over everything much like where Belle's parents originally lived in the movie "Beauty and the Beast" except bigger like an actual house but with the same decrepit feeling. I think I was a version of myself and Oikawa, Tooru. I had gone inside and it felt haunted, and somehow ended up meeting the "ghosts" of the staff who were very friendly. I woke up and was thrown into another dream when I went back to sleep. It's like a continuation except I was myself and it felt as if years had passed. It's the same house but it felt more organized and now was in a swamp with tufts of spiderweb-like vines hanging off the house which was empty. The sun barely shown through the cloudy sky and I knew I had to go inside even though everything felt dangerous. I hesitantly go exploring inside and eventually meet the staff all over again even though they scared me because they were going to hurt me, only they realized I came back and had to convince me that they were reincarnations. They come back and always remember their past and will continue to so long as they recreate a mark, but it turns out that the Butler had not, and I think he had been my favorite. I found out because after finding one person, I tried opening the door besides the front staircase, leading up to the front door, and when I opened it I scared myself because all these old stuff fell down but it wasn't the butler's room anymore. I went back inside to talk to another reincarnation that I had liked at a table much like our dining table in our living room by the windows in the front of the house overlooking the front yard and we talked about him reincarnating. He was very tall, pretty round belly, brown hair in a Mohawk that was beginning to grow back the shaved hair, a friendly face, wearing an old dirty yellow undershirt that was a button-up, a colorful dirty polkadot vest, dirtier yellow pants and red clown shoes. At some point the conversation made me hug him, glad he was back and it was time for a monthly visit to the river and I'd come just in time to tag along. Everyone was bringing everything out to load an old car that somewhat had the same "bones" / structure as The Flintstone car. Coming outside the scene had changed at some point as I approached the car, everything being made of stone and looking like a high-end neighborhood in a utopian society. All the sudden Michael is there, my brother, and we get into the car since it seems like it's all ready. But Michael gets a mean streak and thinks it'll be funny to put the keys in the ignition and drive off no matter how much I yelled at him to turn around as we drive down our street from home and even end up at the corner that looks like Family Dollar and everything and we're suddenly driving our van. He turns to the right and when we get to the only lights when Michael is speeding up, I punch him. I manage to drive and turn the van around while he scowls and we're bringing it back and the house looks like it's in the swamp again but then I officially wake up.