Date: 2/1/2019

By melia1419

I work at a Domino's, but when I went to work it was in a. Strip mall, not an actual building. There were apartments overhead and a new BBQ restaurant opening next door. There was a dog laying in the corner between the BBQ place and Domino's looking scared and vicious at the same time. I was dizzy so I went outside for a minute and I guess I started sleepwalking because when I woke it was 11:32 the BBQ place was on fire and I was halfway down the strip. I ran back over and there were three more vicious dogs, police with K-9 units, and dominoes was closing because of the chaos. Everyone filed out pretty quick. The fire was gone, the people were gone, and that left me with the feral dogs, the cops and the k9. The feral dogs would attack anyone they saw, but run around me like I wasn't even there. They got the dogs detained and a cop stopped me. He started questioning me, and saying how I must get into trouble over something that resembled a house arrest device around my ankle. He asked me what it was and I panicked. I have never gotten in trouble in my life. Turns out I was wearing a dog collar around my ankle and the house arrest thing was a sweat monitor. They all just left me there waiting for a ride I couldn't call because I forgot my phone.