{1 Dream} "Sorry I'm Not Gay" (Sat May,13 2017)

Date: 5/13/2017

By Sorrnin

I am being chased down by gunmen. As they are at my front door I yell out anyone want to have sex with me?! This woman comes in and said to her sorry I'm not gay. Then I yell out again I am very horny and then a guy comes in and then he goes back out and I yell out for him to come back. He comes back in and we are inside from a pool party and I am looking out the window. Then I turn around and see him and he comes over to me and we take our clothes off. Then he is behind me and he takes his hands and strokes them down my chest over my boobs to my crotch. Then we are laying down with me on top and I give him a hand job and then we have sex. Then we are married and have kids.