I was a jealous girlfriend

Date: 5/22/2019

By dreamsthingx

My boyfriend and I were in this huge plaza where there was a movie theater and shops all around outside and might be a two story or more of a building since I recall seeing an escalator. Anyways, my bf and I were watching a movie. There were these two other girls that sat across us on to the next row seats. The girls won’t stop asking and complaining for things indirectly like wanting this certain type of food. So for some reason my bf was obligated to get them what they needed and to please them. I started getting irritated and I might have asked why he is trying so hard to please them! Like she’s not even your girlfriend. I stood up and left the theater mad at him. I went to go shop around at the stores and later I saw him looking for me. I tried to avoid him coz I was so mad and didn’t want to talk to him but now he won’t stop following. So finally I let him talk and I told him how I felt. The end.