Weirdest Dream Ever

Date: 8/16/2017

By Muffin

I was walking down the street and somehow I pissed this 30 year old off so he grabs a gun and starts trying to shoot me. I start to run but after a few strides I just stop running. He eventually grabs my neck and jumps onto a fence and starts shooting me in the chest but the bullets are super soft and only hurt a little bit. So I grab a gun from my pocket which was the exact same as his, and I start shooting him in the chest, my bullets are super soft to so it didn't do anything. I get really bored so I try to figure out a way to run and I do, I start running backwards and this time it works. The other guy is really slow so he can't catch up. When I get about 100 meters away from him I start floating. Then I pull a rubix cube from my pocket and start solving it with my feet. I almost solved it but I decided to go inside with some friends and tell them about what happened, so we decided to reenact it. We went to my room to put different clothes on but it was my old wardrobe with buckets of clothes instead of draws.