Accidental Lucid dream

Date: 10/30/2016

By richilye

I was inside the car, there was some angry driver following us, then my dad was trying to make him lose track of us. Then we got to our street, and the guy was waiting there in his truck; They talked about something and started to engage in a battle with their cars, the guy left the back part of his truck behind (I forgot the name) , then they were trying to reposite and started hitting each other with the cars, soon as each car hit each other... ...change of scene. I was in my room playing at the computer, my room looked as usual despite the white small and weak light bulb, then i realized that I was supposed to be at work, I looked at the time in my computer screen, it was 3:33 am, i wassupposed to be in the car being driven to work, then I thought of the possibility of me being in a dream. Since both my eyes worked in the dream, I tried closing my left eye and opened it in real life, I was in fact inside the car sleeping, I closed my eye slowly, and started focusing on opening it inside the dream without waking up. When I did it I took some time to stay calm ('cause i heard people saying that getting excited will wake you up). I then tried flying, 'cos reasons, i did the basic that everyone does, it was unsuccesful, I then turned the light off and back on, my room became a beautful kitchen, but my computer was there in the same place, I thought "cool, now i don't need to get up to eat", I decidedto explore therest of the dream and come back to check it later. (Disclaimer: the kitchen in real life is 2 rooms beside mine 😛). My room has 2 parts, 1 being my office and the other being my bedroom, whichis separated by a wall. before seeing the rest of my bedroom, i started to think of wat to do and started getting excited again, I nearly got desperated by that, but I managed to calm down again, i sawthe light coming from my bedroom and it was the same shitty weak light, i went to check and it really was. My mom was sleeping in my bed, she said something and was covering her face with a blanket, I thought the dream waa going to become a nightmare and that my mom is face would be deformed or something. Then she said something else,and I told her wewerein a dream, then she got up and said she was gonna make something to eat then. After she went to the kitchen(the normal one), I stood near the door and turned the light off and on again, my bed vanished and the blankets fell to the ground, I did it again and things kept vanishing, I kept doing it to see if something cool would shlw up, I was also trying to make something show up, but i forgotwat was it. I then gave up and went to check the rest of it, allthe lights around the house were that shitty weak light... i went through the kitchen and looked inside the bathroom, I think i was gonna see if the mirror was working, then my dad woke me up... (I got so pissed)