A Pizza and Package Delivering Rabbit

Date: 4/5/2019

By n2petzz

It was a world of humans, and I was a male anthropomorphic rabbit. I was adopted by an elder couple because I had no where else to go. They had a cat and a small dog, who were both pretty lazy and definitely lap animals. We lived in a more country area, so there was mostly dirt roads. And those “dirt” roads were actually 90% of the time mud. We didn’t have much money and my parents were too old to work, so I had two jobs. One was delivering mail, and the other delivering pizza. I also have a motorcycle to get around, which was horrible with the mud roads. Today was mail, so I went around and delivered a few packages with no trouble. That is, until I got to this one house. It was owned by an elder lady and I was delivering a mini-bathtub to her. She takes it inside and shoves it under her rocking chair. I still need payment and a signature so I awkwardly walk inside. I see that she has a husband sitting on the other side of the room just starring. I ignore it and tell her I still need a signature and payment. She refuses so I climb over her and start looking for the mail to take back. She tells me that I shouldn’t do that and something else important, but I ignore her. She grabs me and takes me into her car and I start begging her to just pay. She doesn’t speak to me and continues to drive. Eventually we get to (State that stars with C, can’t remember) and apparently it was secretly made up of acrobatic, anthropomorphic rabbits. She shows me that this is where all rabbits like me live. The roads are made up of a lot of ramps, and every rabbit is driving a car that can grow and shrink at will. Also there was a colour stripe on the car that would disappear when turned off. The lady disappears and my first thought is to go get money. I had $56 dolors originally, but after changing it to their currency I only had $7. While freaking out I make friends with a human named Bailey. I still have a job to do, so I have to leave and do it; today is pizza delivery. I told Bailey this and that I have to find my motorcycle. She offers to help, but instead I run back to my town(or state?) while she attempts to chase me. After I get the pizzas to deliver I run into a different human friend and it looks like I was trying to give a pizza to her. I tell her I will have to eat a pizza with her later. I run off and soon remembered I left the pizza there next to her, so I have to hide and watch till I can get it back. She eventually leaves, saddened. I got back to the pizza and use ingredients in my satchel to make it the right kind of pizza (apparently the pizza delivery people had a blank pizza and put ingredients on it on the way). She sees me doing this and gets upset. I awkwardly offer her a small piece for both of us and then I cover it up with ingredients and such. She is now happy so I close it. I whisper to myself “Now where am I supposed to deliver this?” She hears and looks at me. I slowly turn around towards her with a 'I just messed up' sort-of expression. She isn’t mad, and even agrees to help me deliver it. I have a piece of paper with the address on it and I look around for it. We get to the house and knock, but no one answers. We decide to go in and look for someone. We start walking around and I notice that this is my house, but empty and can’t find anyone. I walk down the stairs to where a mini basement is, aka “my room”. There are three doors down here, two either side of mine. I walk into each door and they are filled with homeless/abandon kids. This was either a new orphanage or homeless kids invaded the house. This is where I woke up, but I wonder what happened to my adopted elder parents...