My Grandfather's Heart Attack

Date: 8/19/2017

By lucid14

I was out doors at this park and my grandfather and I were talking. He handed me a red fidget spinner and said I left it at his house. He clearly liked playing with it so I told him he could keep it and he did. After a while of talking and walking outside my grandfather collapsed all of a sudden I freaked out and his last words before loosing consciousness were "I'm okay" Someone else came over and for some reason I wanted to wait to see if he would wake up before calling 911. I dialed the number but didn't hit "call" yet. Then I finally did hit call. It took a little while for a person to get on the phone. When she finally did she seemed annoyed as if someone had just done a prank call. I told her where I was and that I needed an ambulance. We ended up in a room, my grandfather laying in bed and me looking out the window for the ambulance. The emt walked into the room and it was a motherly looking woman who had clearly done this 100 times. She was reassuring. She told us he was breathing but then made a face as if he wasn't going to make it. She shook her head back and forth. Next she sprinkled this orange dust or powder on him. She said "this is my least favorite part every time." She was anticipating telling us he wasn't going to make it. I could feel the tears building up inside of me. Then my grandfather moved his arms above his head and woke up. He was going to be ok.