Men's gathering and late night PI

Date: 3/4/2017

By Paris1107

So I'm at a men's gathering at some dudes house. His wife is out and we are eating and having a dinner mystery theater. It's a lot of fun and when it's over I help clean up. On my way out I say goodbye and the host closes the door. I'm walking away in the dark and recognized that I was dreaming. It makes me smile. I decide I want to change the dream scene so I run as fast as I can toward the guy's house as if to slam myself into the side of it with the intention of coming out the other side in a new dream scene. It works. Now I'm laying on my face in my front yard between the grass and the driveway. I lift my head and look around. My hands feel the grit of dirt and rock from the driveway. Again I smile. Slowly I get to my feet taking in the environment. I decide to fly and start to get a running start but think that's pointless because I'm dreaming and can just fly. So I slowly rise into the air. I start flying over my neighbors property and see two deer on his road. I also see a direct tv van there and think they must be on some kind of steak out. The alarm goes off and I must wake up.