Mall Trip

Date: 6/25/2017

By AvaSheehan

First of all I went to the mall with my dad and mom and brother then we went to express and the had all theses cute dresses and the was this guy that was showing us all the dresses. This girl named holly was going to try on a dress so she just took all of her cloths off in the middle of the store. But the thing is it was only me holly and the guy at the store. Then that guy grabbed my ass and I was like what the fuck. I was trying on some cloths then my brother slides under the stall thingy and I yell at him to get out. Then once I'm out of the stall showing my mom a dress a bunch of guys go in and I have to wait for them to get out. After I got some stuff I went to pink . I bought some thing and while we were about to leave I forget to get a white cropped jacket and the black dress so I told my mom to get run back to express and buy it for me. End of dream