Acid Trip and Leashes the Dog

Date: 1/28/2017

By peachkeedi

I worked at some kind of restaurant and I was walking out the door. Down by the alley way the youngest kid from Malcolm in the Middle named dewy (who was my brother) was playing in some kind of big box. I walked over to see what he was doing, and out from the box came a bunch of dogs. A big golden retriever came out we decided to keep it. my brother named it leashes because of it's blue harness. ... Me and Jesse (my boyfriend) were wrestling in the house but it wasn't really our house. We were in some kind of back bedroom, and he kept switching out my phone with three different phones and locking me in the room for fun. We went outside on the patio which was over a lake and the moon was huge. Biggest I've ever seen. It must have taken up at least a third of the sky and it was bright orange. We both tried to tell each other about the moon at the same time. I grabbed the phone to try and take a picture and the camera wasn't working so I ran back inside and grabbed a different phone. I went back outside and the moon had already shrunk a bit. I started taking a panoramic outside and the entire scenery turned into an acid trip. There are bright colors and everything was neon and moving. It was like watching a dubstep rave video. I tried to look at the picture again but there was no battery in the phone, yet I knew the picture still took and saved somehow. and then I woke up