Date: 3/5/2019

By anniakoeleman

i was with a group of friends out on the lake and we were getting food (don’t ask why, their was like this food truck in the water idk) and as we tried moving our boat after we finished eating something got caught in the propeller and i went down to see what was wrong and it was this dead girls hair and i immediately called the police to get them down here to get this body out of the water. we waited for the police to get there which wasn’t very long and they started to pull her out and her hair was the only thing normal on her she didn’t even look like a human body anymore her skin and half her bones had been disintegrated. everyone was in absolute shock and we were told to drive away since this was now a crime scene so we started our boat and got out of there. everything seemingly went back to normal until another girl was was found in her bed at home with her body decaying and white strap around her thigh with pills strapped to it with four pills missing from it. some time goes by and in school the spring musical is starting and my sister and i always do it together but she didn’t show up when i did so i assumed something wrong and she had been acting stranger than usual. i decided when i got home i’d talked to her and she was very calm when she talked to me and said everything was okay she just didn’t have time for it this year. then she gave me this pill to take and i asked her what it was and i forget what she said and i didn’t wanna take it but she forced me to she told me sorry but it had to be done. and i could feel it in my body and it felt absolutely horrible and i felt like i was dying. after 30 minutes my lips had disappeared and my whole body was pale white with a tint of green and these small bubbles all over my legs i could tell i was slowly dying. i was so weak but i managed to make it out to the garage, there i found a tall skinny man standing with his back towards me with red blood all over his ripped shirt. before i could get away he turned around and was like “annia i knew you’d make it out here” and i asked him who he was but all he said was “i’m here to make things better” and he told me i didn’t look too well and if i wanted a glass of water to drink and i said yes. i drank the water and immediately felt so much better but i knew he was a bad person and something even worse was gonna happen. so i asked him if this was related to all the girls disintegrated and he said “they had to die, i was given no choice”. after our conversation he left and the next day at school i see advertisement all over the school for “KJ’s Chilling Stories & Tales” on red pieces of paper everyone was talking about it and everyone was excited to go but i knew something wasn’t right about it, it made me feel really uncomfortable. A few days pass no one turned up dead so everyone thought it was gonna be okay from now on. It was the night of the school event and almost all of the school was going. i got home from school that day and was trying to put the puzzle pieces together so something would make sense. i discovered the blonde hair boy and my sister were behind the show tonight. i found my sister down the hall and i started yelling at her and i was furious she tried killing me and now she was gonna kill all our friends and family. she was going crazy and mom and i had no idea what to do, she was in “love” with this guy who was trying to kill a bunch of people and we couldn’t talk her out of it. she stormed out of the house and i ran after her and the blonde guy was in the garage again. and i was yelling at him why was he doing all these things why was we going to hurt us. and he just turned to me with an evil smirk and said “ i’m not going to hurt you but that’s a different story for your sister” and he left. i went back into the house and told mom we had to go to the show tonight my mom refused to go so i went by myself. i told my closest friends to not go and just stay home because it was gonna be really bad and not worth it. I went over and the show was really strange and i did not enjoy it. after he brought all of us into the room and was talking to all of us i forgot exactly what he was talking about it but it was strange. then he sent everyone out but i was still in there and he said before he continues he needed the third sacrifice which was supposed to be me but now it was my sister and she immediately started to decay faster than i did it was within seconds she was dead. he brought everyone back in and tied them to the chairs all around the room. the pipes lowered from the ceiling and the blonde man continued to talk he went on about how all humans had sinned against him and now it was time to get them back. the room suddenly dropped to underground and fire blasted from pipes it was so hot in that room. he referred to this as “hell” and everyone was gonna die here. wish i could tell you more but then i woke up