Dream: KoD Panel

Date: 1/18/2017

By Ecnelis_Lataf

So I had an amazing dream last night. Dreamt it was a few years in the future. My current novel had been turned into a visual novel game thanks to the artistic talents of my friend Devin, as well as an anime series. But the most amazing part was that I was dressed as Mad Carter at an anime convention and no one knew I was the creator of the story. My friends Suji, Janell, and Sera were all helping me get through the line for the panel room. They'd all offered to help me cuz I'm such an awkward person. Devin was already sitting at the table for the panel and we were all just enjoying ourselves and laughing a little cuz still none of the people in line for the panel knew who I was. it was becoming like this inside joke xD My bestie Nicole was now up at the table with Devin and once I got up there, the people in the audience were all watching in confusion. "Well, Catter, late to the show as usual." Nicole teased as I took my seat between her and Devin. I chuckled and looked to the audience. "I'm never late. Just fashionably on time." Sometime after we revealed I was the creator and got the show rolling. Nicole announced a tv series adaptation of the story which was why she was there. Devin answered questions about the visual novel and anime. I answered questions about whether the pther two books would also get adaptations. Then we sent people to Suji's maid cafe afterwards, where Janell and Sera were both helping her. This trio here also happened to voice some of the characters in the anime adaptation xD It was just a really fun dream that had a fun cast of my friends :)