Digital art, Join the adventure as they discover a mysterious watch tower and its secrets, while navigating obstacles and making daring escapes along the way!

Watch tower

Date: 8/23/2017

By Moonlight233

There was a game of everyone needing to get out and find this watchtower and it's secrets, our house was the chosen one todo so (Somewhat Hogwarts houses), we had to escape. I did some cool flips. I got through the gate with some others and chilled, then Lily got the bus open so we quickly got in there and drove a bit, then got others into the bus. I get off a go into a little boat with a few others (while the bus becomes a boat??) So me and this little group go through a little cave/arc which the big boat can't get through. So someone explains that the arc is within a watch tower/clock and we gotta knock it down by finding a secret bathroom. So we get in and walk around, Lily and I head to a room with a bed and she points out the hook, and I point out the shower head laying on the floor. We go and tug it and the wall opens up revealing a bathroom styled area. We go in and lol around, there were chains, hooks, and it looked like someone was locked up. Water flowed from the shower and we turned it off, there was a loud noise and the a clock chiming. The watch tower started to fall, we yelled for everyone to get out, we either jumped in the water or on this little platform, and watched the watchtower fall. After it fell we could walk on the water because of the object below. We got into the boat and headed to the school. At school we claimed the prize. Bonus: The story of the watch tower- A woman fell in love with a man, but he was a one night stand kinda guy. We always found woman with names starting with "M". She ended up falling pregnant and she hated the child, she locked him up, beat him. Everything. She ended up being caught and brought to prison, and no one knows what happened to the boy.