Date: 5/22/2022

By rembrandt

was playing basketball at the old court at smash in the big yard. i think there was an odd number of players so i was on both teams and also reffing. antonia was playing and she was hella out of shape but a ball hog and played rly bad in the opening minutes, none of her shots were going in. at one point the ball went out of bound bc of an airball and she chased it way off the court. we continued playing with a spare ball after she went to go chase it. koji was on the other team, pretty sure jasper was too. koji was good as per usual, kind of showing off his skills. i made a basket for antonias team bc i felt bad but it was still like single digit to double digit. koji made some more baskets—tried to make one that would’ve been invalid so i told him i’d give him a technical if he did that, so he dribbled to the opponent basket and made a hoop for them. i had the ball again dribbled up to the 3 point line but knew i couldn’t make a 3 so i stepped in for a 2, swish. honestly surprised myself because i am not good at basketball. but i could play good in this dream. certain i had more dreams last night but can’t remember them.