Dream in a dream

Date: 2/9/2017

By brenda_ys

I was walking with my friend Jean and we went into a store. We went all the way to the back to buy spray paint, I got orange and yellow. We ended up not buying it, we stole it. I was wearing my mustard/yellow colored jacket. We went out a back door. When we were outside, Jean realized he had the same colors, so I told him to go change them. He went back inside and I started walking up bergenline, and right when I was about to cross the street, my mom called out for me. I turned back and I was surprised to see her. I knew that I was dreaming her. She had a small baby carriage and she needed me to help going into a restaurant. She was yelling at me and was mad. I saw Jean and some other guy was with him. Not sure who it was, but I knew him. I remember thinking in my dream that I dreamt my mom, but It was like daydream and that they wouldn't understand. So basically I knew I had dreamed my mom with the baby carriage, but I didn't know I was already in a dream. Or she was like a ghost. Anyways we started walking down to blvd east and then suddenly I woke up in my dream. And I remember that I checked the time and it was like around 1 so I decided to write down what I had dream of. But I remember writing a completely different dream. I woke up right now and don't have anything written. It was all a dream, unless I did wake up and don't remember. Maybe it didn't save ??? But I feel like I did dream all that.