Battle of Summer Camp

Date: 6/3/2017

By nolan_truth

I was in a summer camp looking place, with cabins and [tether ball sets] littered around the area. It was dark already, but I was still walking around outside. I was carrying my backpack, which was all the luggage I had. I took it off, and started to rummage through its contents, spilling shirts and socks all over the ground. I needed to find a cabin to stay in. I asked a group of people if I could stay in their cabin, they agreed. They were watching a video on a phone where a guy was beating up people who were supposed to be terrorists, but they looked like baseball and football players. I pointed that out, and one guy thought it was really funny for some reason and started laughing. *dream skips* There was fighting going on. People [with guns] had invaded the camp. I found myself holding what was an M1 Garand rifle, with a bayonet attached. I saw one of the "bad guys" charge at the guy who had laughed with another rifle with a bayonet. [I yelled at him,] then ran at the bad guy with my rifle. We both tried to stab each other with our bayonets. I managed to stab him first, and he collapsed on the ground. After the battle, someone said a bullet fragment had entered through my chin and stayed there. I felt around, and sure enough, there was something between my gums and lower lip. I spat it out. It was a bloody shard of a tooth. I then spat out a clump of black fragments that was probably the bullet. I thought about how I could no longer give speeches for rhetoric class because of my mouth.