psycho neighbour (8/4/19)

Date: 8/5/2019

By jadaking

my mom dad & i were coming home but we had to stop my warrens for something dumb, when we pulled up he was wearing a robe and he looked like he was on crack but he had a gun, he was holding it just a hand gun when we showed up. My dad was like woah we just need to talk & he’s like ya i just need to hold this, he also showed us that since he also had a bbq lighter he could make a little fire flamer/ fire work thing idk he’s so stupid but it was scary, we were walking up his driveway & my mom and dad we talking with him but then all a sudden the fire flamer started to hit my mom ! i was screaming and warren started to get closer to my mom with it, i told my dad to punch him in the head cuz his back was to us, but my dad couldn’t punch ? he missed like 3 times it looked like he had no coronation. My mom was being attacked by this fire flamer shit but then warren caught all on fire from it - guessing he had gas on his pants. We saved my mom and we watched warren burn on his drive wave