Being a demigod

Date: 7/18/2019

By Brighter_daes

I was some sort of magical being pretending to be human. I think I was a demigod so technically I was half human. At first I was at a school but it was just a bunch of random buildings and kids that were supposed to be supervised kept escaping and so I had to go find them. I found this cool as Rottweiler (who wasn’t actually a Rottweiler but some magical being) who perfectly understood English and followed all my commands. He helped me find the escaped children. Then it was the end of the day so I brought the dog to the area by the busses at my school and hung out there with a bunch of friends till my parents picked me up. Sadly I could not keep him as my parents wouldn’t allow me. But he turned into a person that would hang out at my house till we found a permanent solution. It was then the next day and we were at school competing in this race in the gym but the course was wildly different. It would have tropical parts snowy parts beach parts and basically every climate and it was huge. Before it began I realize that somebody tampered with my friends car and couldn’t go fast or escape the many monsters that were trying to kill us. I was on a bike so I helped him out and tried to throw him out of the course but then this giant blob fish type of shit monster almost ate him. I couldn’t help him myself so I created this giant from like attack on titan or some shit. He ate the main blob fish bitch and the rest of the other ones. The course had finished and everyone was safe. I even won first even tho I don’t know how since I was busy doing other stuff for the first part of the race. Then I was walking to the same place as yesterday but this time I noticed one of the street islands with the bunch of trees and shit had turned beachy and had a shit ton of people. I cast a shield on it quickly to hide it from the humans and then a girl from the street island came up to me and was like “You are the creator. Are you happy with what we’ve done.” I was so confused until I realized I never got rid of the giant I created and so he made this. I was like “yeah I created a shield so that as long as you stay in the perimeter of the island you are safe from all harm and humans won’t see you. Only me and yourselves will see what lies beyond.” She thanked me and went back to the island. Then one of my friends came up to me with his friend? Brother? trying to get her number because she looked like a supermodel. I ignored them and started walking to some other friends because apparently this isn’t the first time they asked me for one of my supernatural friends numbers. I even remembered one instance where he asked for the number of Helen of Troy. He called out to me and said sorry and so I waved him over to talk to the rest of my friends who were no better. They kept saying I am always friends with attractive people and also see, meet, and get cool things. I was just like it’s not my fault I always meet them in class. And then Sam who for some reason was there was like “she always meets interesting people because she herself is interesting” giving me a wink. He apparently knew I was a demigod. I just gave him a piercing gaze that made him laugh. Then I woke up.