Floating, college and racist bf?

Date: 8/13/2017

By meghan

It started out with me thinking I was waking up from a normal dream but then I noticed everything in my room floating and moving in slow motion. I thought it was pretty trippy so I began to reach for my phone. But I didn't move, kind of like those moments when you wake up mid rem sleep so your body is still paralyzed. So that's when I saw myself floating up over the bed and everything began to swirl. Suddenly I was back in college, for what I have no clue the only class I remember is the history class. But my roommate is my bf and we have all our classes together. So I'm kind of upset about that and actually rather timid with everything. Though I am worried about studying so my grades are as good if not better than his. So back to the class. The teacher had said something offensive to the bf and so he was getting all the people with African ancestors to sit in one part of the class to rise up against the teacher. I tried sitting next to the bf during this but he told me I was too white and had to sit this one out. Then I woke up.