Shopping Center Vigilante 🦇

Date: 6/23/2017

By nikoloverfriend

TL;DR A woman and her toddler were scamming people at a mall. They messed with my friends and me, the toddler licked my butt and the mom made a racist remark at Omar. I got up in the mom's face, removing her earrings without her noticing and then spilling her coffee which stained her pants. --- I was at a shopping center with Omar, Jeremiah, and possibly my cousins. I was wearing breezy shorts and a little Chinese boy, a toddler, came up behind me and licked my butt. I turned around, yelled at him, found his mom, and yelled at her. She brushed it off, not caring at all that her son is a creep. I watched them and noticed they had a routine of shaking down people for money. We were in the checkout line when I had another run-in with them. The woman accosted Omar and called him a n*****. I got up in her face and removed her earrings, which she didn't seem to realize. I stormed out of the store with no real aim and stormed right back since my group was still there. On my way back, I saw her again drinking coffee with a friend. I ran up to her and threw her mug on the ground. I didn't want to throw the coffee on her in case of a lawsuit, but the splash back did stain her clothes.