Date: 9/21/2019

By UniqueStarque

I was in a line, waiting to be reviewed for a school. My brother, George, had already applied online and had gotten in without a problem. But for some reason they needed to review me in person. When it was my turn, these two people, one guy and one girl, began to review me. The women checked my files while the guy looked through the books I had in my bag. Some how I knew they wouldn't allow Christ followers in, so as he looked through the notebooks I briefly flipped through them and only showed him the pages without verses or Christian topics on them, just mostly drawings or random notes. He thought nothing of it so I put my books away, relieved. Then the women finishes with my file and she says there's something wrong that will keep me from being accepted: next weekend I am scheduled to sing in a choir at church. She said the only way I'll get accepted is if I quit the choir and won't participate in church-like things any longer. I was saddened but could not agree with her terms. So I took my things peacefully and went on, knowing I could not abandon my faith and trusting God has another plan. I remember as I got my things the women was watching me closely like she was curious with my choice.