My grandfathers gingerbread house

Date: 8/20/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I'm in the car with my uncle, my parents, my cousin, and my grandpa is driving. He is jabbering away on his phone. The road we are on is the one right by our house, a two lane highway. The space is quite cramped, and we all want him to go faster, but my grandpa is driving super slow. At times he will stop completely, just sitting in the middle of the road. I'm trying to tell him to go, because cars are flying past us, but he's too into his phone conversation and has gotten out of the car. We've been transporting a giant gingerbread house (that he made) that's strapped on the hood of the car. Eventually we all have to get out, because he's not going to get in and drive anytime soon. I start eating the gingerbread house piece by piece. I thought he would get mad at me but he didn't.