Long Random

Date: 4/27/2017

By ace200

I was in the school auditorium, but it looked different. It was a lot bigger and circular. Taydem and Kaitlin got me McDonald's. Colin, Morgan, and Caitlyn were there too. I was then at this amusement park thing. There were these water boats. The BBT company was on one, and my grandparents wanted to go on so I took them on a new one. It was really bumpy and my grandma fell on her bad hand so I hung on to her until it was over. I yelled at my sister for not helping me when I asked her to. There were then these kids that were in a green maze. You would walk through and the kids would stick their hands through the walls and grab you, in a fun way. My family eventually showed up and I remember Buster from Arrested Development being there. I ended up getting sick and throwing up at home. We were supposed to go to the beach, but I said I shouldn't, and my dad said I wasn't actually sick and we should go anyway. He was acting weird. I was then in my room. My window was open. There was a boy outside my window who turned himself invisible and came into my room and turned off my light. I grabbed my alarm clock for light, but he grabbed it and threw it. He started pushing me onto my bed to the window since I couldn't see him and eventually tied me up.