baseball and violence

Date: 7/10/2017

By This1LuckyGuy

and I remember not playing baseball but there was baseball everywhere. I remember getting ready for practice. Wearing a baseball glove. A hat. Coach Sandoval. I remember being with a group of younger kids who were interested in playing baseball. Never actually got to play though. I remember going to Walmart, I remember for some reason it turned into a library. Which I was exploring books in. I remember traveling in a limousine of all things. I remember having to fight somebody probably was influenced by watching Man on Fire cuz I remember the limousine and I remember wanting and having two to fight somebody in a gangster like way. Like I was going to Sasson or something. Jeff was in my dream. His deep voice talking to me about something I can't remember now. I remember feeling that I had to do some type of deliveries to someone. it was a group of about four of us and we had to kill another group that looked just like us but they were evil twins or clones or something. Who killed them with guns.