Stop using my towel and bursting balls

Date: 5/24/2017

By Marvin10

Scene one. I am at a public pool, indoors I think. I am with a bunch of random people. I haven't been for a swim but every time someone else does they are using my towel to dry themselves off. I am getting annoyed, especially when the last person who uses it, a woman with dark hair but blonde streaked through it, starts talking about how she has a fungal infection and other stuff. I remember looking past her to Debbie wide eyed and ready to mouth something to her. Next scene. I am viewing this as a third party. There is a sporting event, but it is random challenges for the teams. It's red versus blue and the blue team wins. When this happens it looks like a fight is going to break out between the teams but then it changes quickly and the blue team is celebrating. They pick up these balls about the size of a baseball and throw them on the ground hard. Streamers and balloons rise up into the air out of the balls as they break open. I remember thinking how cool it was. This dream definitely had an American feel to it like a stadium baseball game.