Always Standing Seperate

Date: 2/19/2019

By Fitful

I was in this library room, like a private collection type kept in a private mansion or school. A genius wizard, viewed with awe by those around him, kept casting spells. They came out his wand in quick succession, little whirlwinds of fire then of ice then something like metal. It was impressive, becsuse he didn't stop just one after the other. I was impressed by him, awestruck. But I also held an observer perspective, and it was critiquing him. How did he cast so fast? He didn't saply anything between spells, didn't raise energy between them, didn't do anything differently. A real wizard would need some time, would use some ritual, would take some sort of pause. I felt like I was critiquing an actor playing a wizard. ~ I was going to this school, maybe a boarding school. I was kinda outcast as I had kin at the school, people of the same species as me, but we hadn't been raised together. I hadn't been raised in their culture, so I was considered an outsider and we weren't close. But this girl invited me to come speak with the group. She had something to tell me. It took a long time for her to muster up the desire to bring me into the matter to tell me anything, but finally she did. I went there and sat the focus of the group. Everyone was nervous. But at the last minute she chickened out and told me something else, a matter not as urgent. I knew she had lied. After the group dispersed I was left alone with her, I stole her laptop an called her mother over their internet connection. Her mother was glad to finally lay out what was going on. Someone was threatening them. I think the dream progressed to a 5 story building, like a mall. ~ I go on a date, a simple walk, but it lasts for eternity. We walk and don't stop, going faster and faster, sometimes riding a white bike made of light along the most delicate edge of marble walls in ancient ruins. We go faster and faster. This person I'm on a date with is kin to me, my same species, and tells me about myself. I find out where I come from, who I am. I have parents, they rule the ocean. I could go back there to them, but I couldn't come back for a thousand years once I entered the ocean. My father, the king, is dying. His wife plans to let him die, palace intrigue. She, and many of her followers, hate him. There is a locker outside the entrance to the ocean where you can get human things delivered, like pizza. It's got a stove and a refrigerator. I don't want to get stuck in the ocean for a thousand years so I move on. We keep running, our date has been so long but we keep going, faster and faster. But I know more now, I feel regret and it's slows me, colors the fun of the date a bit dimmer.