Date: 8/5/2019


Appear to have commenced new employment... in possibly a liquor store... happily making new close friends contradictory to previous thoughts. Workplace becomes an office space with rows of tables similar to a school. We’re all seated completing some paperwork. I take out my phone for a photo with one of my colleagues... a tall slim man. Only to discover that he is the CEO as he proudly announces his title for the picture/video. Flash to my brothers birthday, we are at wattle point farm house. I bake him a cake mimicking our fathers style. The following morning there’s a lot of remains from his friends visiting... half eaten cakes and many leftover protein bars. I’m eating some, as he walks in... I jump over to the cake I baked as he notices it. Flash back to employment, working in the ocean at the end of a jetty, handling fishing nets. A friend is asking for a job with us, so I agree to asking the boss later. As she suddenly appears to be commencing, I ask to join two colleagues on their regular duty of operating the small aluminium boat. It’s close to sinking, so my job is to maintain it’s stability, not letting water inside the boat. We’re just sailing around observing all the fish as we float over the nets. At one point we’re attempting to take selflies using the water’s reflection. Suddenly we’re standing near the foreshore. As the nets get pulled in, the tide suddenly sets and leaves dozens of miniature opaque coloured squid. The boss and colleagues run to catch them by hand. As I approach to help, it appears the remaining few are larger sized squid possessing quite a lot of strength and size. Behaving slightly aggressive. The guys have no problem still capturing them. As the final squid are being slaughtered on the foreshore, they transition to being camels... or a similar crossbreed hybrid type animal. They stand there accepting their fate, as the men slice major arteries on their body’s for them to bleed to death.