Teacher's House

Date: 3/26/2017

By Boygan

I was invited to my Teacher's house. The space she lived in was in a small town surrounding a chruch-side with front-yards near the alleyways and low-set metal fences. On her door and side-walls outside were inscriptioned images of Jesus Christ in abundance, almost to the point of superfluousness, but it felt still artful and reverent as we gathered outside the house. The house was white, and in the small front yard we both looked around to the other house-tops dispersed. In the yard in front of us was a small metal roof that looked as the nativity's manger. There was another student with me who did not talk, and most of the dream is just me and the teachers. We were let inside after playing with the dog for a while. The inside was normal, and felt slightly old. It was yellow-lit from the lamp-light's warmth, and I sat and talked to her husband. He spoke of his age in relation to the place, revealing his pre-concieved worry that I would judge the place they were living. He said it was a good space for those soon dying. I continued the conversation normally, and we walked around the house's hallways. They gave me a place to sleep for the night and I dreamed inside my dream: I was in a dew-draped place after rain, near a football stadium. There was a sale-boy by the entrance I went to talk to and see what I could buy from him. He was selling tobacco and I chastized him; blueberries appeared in my hand I put them in my back pocket. Then I woke, in their house again, and went to the bathroom to wash myself. On the sink was a pomegranite and a note saying breakfast was waiting. But I stayed in the room, and they texted me about meeting later at the University. They also said something about weed? When I walked out of the room after dressing the dream ended for me.