I guess I'm still not over him.

Date: 4/30/2017

By angxlinasoleil

(I'm not sure what happened before this, I think it might've been unpleasant because I was attempting to wake up) I'm stood in front of a mirror. It's outside. Maybe there was a sink. I'm not sure. I look into my eyes and realize I'm dreaming. *now conscious* I try to wake up and I cannot. This is where some real Divergent shit starts going down. I remind myself that what I'm experiencing isn't real, and force myself headfirst through the mirror, to escape, only to arrive at another mirror. After going through this mirror and yet another mirror, I arrive at what I can only describe as an in-between-dreams-limbo. I cannot put into words how magnificently empty and terrified it made me feel. Imagine space, with no stars. Instead there are colourful, two dimensional shapes floating with me in every direction. Mostly slightly skewed rectangles. I remind myself once more that it is not real and I can go wherever I want to go, even where I desire to be most. With J. I concentrate, and start racing through the mind-dimension at lightning speed. Though it was also tiring in the likeness of walking waist high through peanut butter. *Sunny wakes me up at this point :,(*