Free Willy and drunks

Date: 7/28/2017

By wildflower97

It started me and some ppl were on a boat going up a really tall never ending ramp that kept going round and round behind up a big killer whale was chasing up flopping up and down Bc of course there was no water occasionally I would get off the boat and just walk next scene my cousins and I were in a house there were drunk people everywhere my cousin stephanie and i ere looking off in to the backyard which was a big field kept saying no they are dead dead people they aren't moving but in some ppl were being dragged they were just over intoxicated one puked all over my nearby cousin Stephanie my cousin viviana wanslooking on a floor and she was like there's blood and puke and I look down I was the only one not wearing any shoes so I immediately ask viviana where they were and she says in the other room I go into it and it's my cousins room mark or Danny's and I see they have a Super Nintendo and lots of games I even look out of the wind I into the backyard to see that there's even games lying on the grass