cult member

Date: 1/17/2017

By mataulvr

dream begins with me being a part of a group. I remember a church setting and lots of doors. then the next thing I remember is being in a large hut with a thatched roof and lots of wooden poles around. there was an area for speaking, raised up near the front and lots of plastic folding tables to the left holding things. cooking areas all over the rest of the area. my mentor there was this larger guy don't know his name. bit like Maui from moana. dream skips to us having to go up into two cranes and look down at something on the ground. many people are doing this and it is clearly unsafe as the cranes have holes and are swaying in the wind. I climb up and am terrified and demand to leave. as we are leaving my mentor falls to his death. I am told back at the hut that my mentors skin is being prepared for me to consume thus making me a full member of the tribe. the thought doesn't gross me out and his skin is put on kebabs for me and cooked. I eat them and remember telling members that he tasted very fatty and yummy. from here I remember people coming in and telling me that they are here to save me and take me away. I protest and wake up.