Las Vegas

Date: 4/13/2017

By ImperatorFuriosa

M and I went to watch a movie in Las Vegas. Noone would help us at the snack bar. I became more and more frustrated and went behind the counter to do it myself. As I was getting the popcorn I was bitching out the workers that were standing around. The manager was there and he was being so condescending. We decided it wasn't worth it so we decided to leave. We split up and I got lost trying to find the exit. There were so many doors to choose from and I kept choosing the wrong ones. Eventually I found M in a passageway that led to a sidewalk lined with fast food places. We got food from separate restaurants and split up again. I eventually found the parking lot and after a lot of walking I realised I was on a cruise ship. I went back inside and found myself in the middle of a casino foyer. There was a famous Country music trio that I didn't recognise. Suddenly there was a scream and a beautiful dark haired girl came through a side entrance and crumpled to the floor. People wanted to call an ambulance but I went over to her and held her in my arms. I saw that she had cut her wrist but that it wasn't very deep. I told everyone that she would be fine so they left us. I was comforting her and I could sense that she was enamoured with me. I just wanted to take care of her.